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If you have referred yourself for therapy then no one apart from Evolve Mental Health would know you have attended or what was discussed. Our client’s attendance and use of our service is held in strict confidentiality with a number of exceptions and limitations

(Please see below for more information)

If you feel that someone may need to know information about your counselling sessions such as a GP or another member of a professional care team, then we ask you to make this clear to your assigned therapist at the beginning of the sessions. For example, if you have been referred to us by another party, it may be in your best interest for there to be some liaison.

As part of Evolves professional standards, from time to time your assigned therapist may need to share and discuss some of the information brought up in sessions with a qualified clinical supervisor. This will always only occur under a strict confidential and professional framework. The client identity is always kept anonymous and where necessary fake/alternative names & alias may be used for full client anonymity and protection.

Where written confirmation may be required to be passed on to a third party, this is restricted to a minimum.

We are not able to provide in-depth reports on the sessions or give opinions or diagnosis.

Exceptions/limits regarding confidentiality

In certain circumstances, your therapist may have to make exceptions to the general rules of confidentiality:

1. If your therapist thinks there is a serious risk of harm to yourself or others, confidentiality will be limited and where necessary, authorities or emergency services may be contacted.

2. If your therapist cannot contact you but suspects you are in danger. For example, if you had not been seen for several days and colleagues and friends felt concerned, your therapist may disclose information without your agreement.

3. Where there is a legal requirement to disclose information. This could be because it has been ordered by a court, or because the law requires for information to be passed on without consent.

4. Where sexual or physical assault/abuse of a recent/current/historical nature has been disclosed during sessions.

5. Where there is a danger to the life of a child or young person under the age of 18.

In the first and second of these cases, your therapist would attempt to talk this through with you beforehand where appropriate and if possible.

For more information regarding confidentiality during sessions with Evolve, please feel free to get in touch.

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