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Evolve CBT resources part 2

We have now been open for over a year! A lot has happened since we first opened our doors and we have big plans for the coming year when it comes to CBT and giving the best service we can.

Here is some more work sheets for our upcoming CBT resources and hope you enjoy.

  1. This form is looking at the evidence we have for our thoughts that pop up as well as putting percentages to them. The reason for this is so we see if the thought we have has good evidence behind it and we have good logic behind it.

2. This form is looking at events or situations that happened in our past. The idea here is that we start to look critically at what happened and how we can learn and grow.

3. This last one is looking at how we perceive upcoming events and how we could potentially jump to the negative and look at the worst case scenario. This sheet is to help people looking at how we jump to conclusions and to facilitate change in outlook.

Again, we hope you like what you see here and keep an eye out for our resources section coming soon on the website.

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